Oklahoma cold case murders

Oklahoma cold case murders

Submit A Crime Stopper Tip. On January 2, remains were discovered in the are of W. Wekiwa Rd. Sand Springs, OK. Discovered with the remains were one white sandal and remnants of a ladies blouse blue with white polka dots, and white skirt.

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Also discovered on the left hand were two rings a silver ring with a triangular turquoise design encircling the ring, and a silver ring decorated with braided wire. Remains were found on June 29, at the block of West th Street South. The remains were later identified as those of 13 year old Lee Gene Stebens.

The young man was wearing a blue and white striped shirt and gray slacks as well as multiple red and orange friendship bracelets. Colley died approximately one month later at St. Francis Hospital due to her injuries. On May 23, Ms. Memorial Dr. McVey died as a result of a gunshot wound to the head.

On a hunter located skeletal remains at N.

oklahoma cold case murders

Harvard Ave Tulsa, Ok. The medical examiners office determined the victim to be an African American Female between 18 to 26 years old at the time of her death. On April 3, Ms. Baldwin still inside was pulled out of a local pond at E. On April 23,18 year old Rebekah Barrett was the victim of an apparent hit and run. She later succumbed to her injuries at a local hospital. He was brutally beaten to death. On January 8,38 year old Jose Gonzales was shot in his home at S. Skelly Drive. On May 14,30 year old Martha Moore was shot at residence on W.

On July 14, the body of 45 year old Russell Lee Roberts was discovered in his residence located at E. Tulsa County. Roberts appeared to have been shot and killed during an apparent home invasion and robbery. On May 30,24 year old Tyrone Boxley was taken to Tulsa Regional Medical Center where he passed away as a result of injuries he sustained in a drive by shooting on Skelly Drive in Tulsa.

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The suspects were driving a black vehicle. It is believed that Parnosky was killed on August 26, in another location, perhaps in the city of Tulsa and dumped where his body was later found. On December 04,the body of Tony Bernard Williams was discovered in the rear seat of a blue four door older model Chevrolet Caprice parked on the side of the road on East 66th street North and North Cincinnati Ave.

Williams was a carpenter working on rental properties in the north Tulsa area. Detectives believe Williams may have been killed at another location and his body left at this location. At approximately midnight two intruders dawning masks entered the residence at the Block of West 45th St. During the robbery both victims were bound and before leaving the residence Wilson was shot and killed.

On November 19,66 year old Johnny Baker was reported missing by his daughter at which time she found his abandoned vehicle west bound on I and Memorial. Baker was found in a wooded area of Old Hwy. He was last seen checking on his rental properties and collecting rental payments.

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On January 30, at N.In an infamous cold case, a former drifter was sentenced Friday to prison for murdering a woman 25 years ago after kidnapping her from an Oklahoma City shopping mall. He told the judge in writing that he does not admit to the acts but did not want to risk getting the death penalty at trial. The older sister, Mary Ann Jones, who lives in Iowa, told Eckardt the family now finally will have some peace knowing he will never be able to bully, terrorize or torture any woman again.

Eckardt was charged in with first-degree murder in Engle's death. He was linked to the crime from DNA evidence found in the victim's abandoned car. Prosecutors believe he raped her and cut her throat. A second suspect, Steven A.

oklahoma cold case murders

Boerner, later was identified from a fingerprint on the car's steering wheel. Boerner, an ex-convict from Michigan, died in in a trucking accident. An oil-field worker found the victim's unclothed and bound body on April 30,in a meadow in far western Oklahoma near Interstate The victim's car, a Dodge Colt, had been found earlier — on April 25, — at a truck stop in New Mexico. After the sentencing, the victim's husband, Dawson A.

Engle, told the news media the family accepted the sentence largely because the case is now over and done. Eckardt entered what is known as an Alford plea to the first-degree murder charge. The name comes from a U. Supreme Court ruling. District Attorney David Prater said the Supreme Court agreed a criminal defendant can take a plea deal to avoid a worse punishment without admitting guilty.

He said a defendant must basically say he understands there is a high likelihood that a jury would find him guilty because of the evidence. The prosecutor said it is not the same as a no contest plea. He said Eckardt is now a convicted murderer. Engle, a judge in Pottawatomie and Lincoln counties.

DNA leads to arrest of 2 in man's 1983 Oklahoma cold case murder in motel room

I had given up hope when we were informed of the DNA match. Ervin, the victim's daughter, credited her brother for encouraging the police to keep working on the case. Prater turned emotional at the news conference while praising the victim's family, particularly her husband.

You raised these two precious children to become fine successful people. You've handled yourself honorably. We all know that. This is just another step in the journey but I'm glad that this part of the journey is behind you. Eckardt's DNA was collected for law enforcement records when he went to prison in for assaulting a Tulsa woman who died.

The woman's naked body was found in her apartment's bath tub, but the medical examiner could not determine how she died. Mike Burke, an investigator in the district attprney's office, receives a joyful hug from Mary Ann Jones, older sister of murder victim Kathy Engle, at the conclusion of a news conference following the sentencing of Engle's killer.

Murder defendant Kyle Eckardt accepted a plea agreement offered Contact Us. In a Oklahoma City cold case, former drifter sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Kyle Richard Eckardt, 46, agreed to serve life in prison without the possibility of parole. The victim was She lived in Yukon with her husband and two children, then 8 and The victim's daughter, Kristine S. Ervin, of Dallas, told Eckardt he was cowardly to hurt women.In the early morning hours of Dec.

When firefighters arrived around a. They had both been shot in the head. Her best friend, Lauria Bible, also 16, had spent the night at the house for a sleepover. She, too, had vanished. Authorities began a nationwide manhunt for the two teens. According to Tulsa Worldinvestigators searched lakes, abandoned mine shafts and wooded areas, hoping to find the girls.

Their story was profiled on national TV shows like Unsolved Mysteries, to no avail. The search extended from Canada to Mexico. In a probable cause affidavit released this week, authorities say that an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agent interviewed at least a dozen people who say they had knowledge of the missing girls.

Their findings had been filed away, and just recently resurfaced when new investigators took over the case. According to the affidavit, which was first reported by KFOR-TVmany of the witnesses had dated or lived with the three men. All of the witnesses allege that Welch, Pennington and Busick bragged about the murders, and threatened to kill anyone who turned them in to police.

Many of the witnesses allege that the three men killed the Freemans over money and drugs, the affidavit states. A female witness, identified in the affidavit by the initials TW, told police that she lived with Phil Welch after the murders. She alleged that she heard conversations between the three men where they disclosed that the murder victims had owed them money.

TW told police that they kidnapped the girls and killed them later. She also claimed that she discovered Welch had briefcase containing Polaroids of the girls bound and gagged with duct tape and lying on a bed. When the interviews resurfaced, the new investigators tracked down a detective who had an insurance card that had been found at the murder scene. The card belonged to a woman who was living with Welch and often drove her car. Police believe that the insurance card puts Welch at the crime scene.

He is being held without bond. They also had heard about the Polaroids several years ago. We collected notebook after notebook of tips and drove thousands and thousands of miles searching and talking to everyone who wanted to give us information.

The family says that new investigators, Tammy Ferrari and Gary Stansill, took over the case three years ago, and worked tirelessly to solve the case. Until they are home with us, this will never be over.

FB Tweet ellipsis More. Get push notifications with news, features and more. You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. Image zoom. Ronnie Dean Busick. By Steve Helling. By Christine Pelisek.This is the story of Patricia McRay, a murder that shook the entire Lawton community and a case that has since gone cold. McRay, a computer instructor, did not show up to her morning classes.

Lawton Police Detective Roberto Peralta says that was "something that was very unheard of, she always was on time and always at work, so her coworkers thought that was kinda odd.

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Peralta says a coworker and retired firefighter noticed something out of the ordinary. When officers arrived they found a brutal crime scene.

There were signs of a struggle in the bedroom and the body of year-old Patricia McRay slumped over the bathtub, face first with multiple stab wounds. Patti McRay was well loved by her friends and family. Sam Helton, President of Crimestoppers and a former Lawton Police Officer says, "she was a school teacher, involved in her church, involved in her community.

It just struck a nerve with everyone in the city," said Whittington. Investigators believe the suspect may have slipped through the alley and into some canals without ever being seen. Still, they canvassed the fearful neighborhood.

Whittington says "it happened in a quiet residential neighborhood.

New OSBI unit to tackle more than 1,200 Oklahoma cold cases

People aren't looking our their window for the next drug deal to go down, they're not looking out their window for a drive-by shooting. Crimestoppers featured the murder of McRay numerous times. Despite all the media coverage and talk amongst the community, the tips were few and far between. They interviewed suspects, but as time passed, catching Patti's killer became trickier.

Whittington says, "if you can catch your suspect, even have a face to face conversation with your suspect in the first 48 hours you'll see his carotid artery, you'll see his shirt jumping our because his adrenaline's flowing. But after that he's developed his alibis, he's gotten rid of evidence, he's had time to slow down his thought process and cover his tracks.

You won't have nearly the success rate 2 weeks later, that you would have 2 days later. Meanwhile, friends and family mourned the loss of Patti, wondering if they'd ever see justice.

Investigator's leads slowly faded and the murder of Patti McRay went cold. Now almost 19 years have passed since that violent crime and her killer never found.

"Cold Case" True Crime Special

Peralta says, "we have some information that has kind of opened a door. They believe the key is in DNA evidence. In particular the ability to separate an intermingling of blood from two individuals.

In this case, they believe the killer may have injured himself during the crime. The original crime scene investigator Ted Mason, passed away in Both Peralta and Goss say he collected hundreds of items that normally weren't collected at that time. The evidence Mason collected in has now been resubmitted for testing. It takes months, even years and thousands of dollars.

Once they have some concrete evidence, they can further pursue their new lead and suspect.Even details that may seem minor, may help the Task Force bring a killer to justice.

Crime Stoppers tips may be submitted anonymously. If your tip leads to an arrest or conviction, you may be eligible for a cash reward. The task force is taking a closer look at 26 unsolved cases from across Tulsa County. Some of these cases are more than 30 years old and some of the family members may be deceased.

Abduction occurred on June 6, Block of South 49th W. Tulsa, OK. Reported as missing person on June 28, S. Homicide occurred before Sept. North Tulsa, OK. Homicide occurred in the period of to North Harvard Ave. Homicide occurred Before June 29, block of West th St. South Tulsa, OK. Homicide occurred On December 4, block of East 66th St. The Cold Case Task Force has some of the most experienced homicide detectives in Northeast Oklahoma, and several other experts in their field.

These highly skilled individuals are known nationally and internationally for their expertise in their field. Each of the task force team members have volunteered their time and expertise to take a fresh look at the case files and prioritize them in terms of solvability. They are looking for evidence that could potentially be tested using new technology and witnesses that could be re-interviewed.

The unit focuses its resources on those cases with the highest probability of being solved with fresh leads and new forensic technologies. In many cases, biological evidence is still present allowing recent advances in DNA testing to bring those responsible to justice. There are 26 cases that Sheriff Regalado asked the task force to review.

oklahoma cold case murders

Since the task force formation Task Force members have volunteered countless hours and have made progress in the Dean investigation as well as others. Sergeant Tressi Mizell can be reached at or by email at tmizell tcso. Tulsa Police Dept. If you believe you have information that might help solve one of these cases, then contact Doc Shannon using the information provided above.

Call when you realize that you have something to offer. Baldwin, Nola Homicide occurred on April 1, E. North Collinsville, OK. Barrett, Rebekah L. Homicide occurred on April 23, Collinsville, OK. Utica Avenue Tulsa, OK. Gonzales, Jose Homicide occurred on January 8, S. Marshall, Kenneth S.Killer Unknown will aswer as their team follows an active investigation in real time.

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Made up of volunteer veteran homicide detectives and specialized experts, it focuses its resources on cases with the highest probability of being solved with fresh new leads and modern forensic technologies. The task force is is led by retired Tulsa police sergeant Mike Huff. Ad — content continues below. The force is currently examining 31 cases across Tulsa County, with the ultimate goal of finding answers and justice for victims and their families.

The series will begin with two of its most terrifying: the murder of year-old Veda Woodson, and the murder of year-old Dena Ann Dean. Veda Woodson, 38, a mother of four, year-old, was willing to make great sacrifices for her kids.

She left home for her late-night job as a cleaning woman at First National Bank in Tulsa on July 26, At approximately 1 a. Stranded in her vehicle, another car pulled up behind hers. Was someone going to help? Her killer has never been found.

Each episode of Killer Unknown chronicles the TCSO Cold Case Task Force as they re-examine the Woodson and Dean cases with fresh eyes, speaking with loved ones and reviewing evidence through modern technology in hopes of generating new leads for the cases.

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Man charged in cold case murder of Oklahoma couple

Read more from Tony Sokol.On May 15,in Owasso, a woman came home to discover her house ransacked, and her year-old husband, David Simpson, in their bed, dead from a gunshot wound. He was a race car driver who worked at Rockwell International in Tulsa. On November 12,near Chandler, the body of Dwayne McCorkendale, a year-old trucker from Kansas City, Kansas, was found dead on the ground near a telephone booth at a rest stop.

Someone shot McCorkendale in the back with a gauge shotgun. McCorkendale's wallet was missing. On December 19,in Hugo, Daniel Hampton was found face down and dead in the passenger side of his pickup. A year-old former Democratic candidate for the District 19 House seat, Hampton died from a gunshot wound to his head.

The three homicides are among more than 1, murder or missing persons cases in Oklahoma that have gone cold since The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation wants to reduce that number. On Nov. The OSBI chose as a cut-off year based on the likelihood that suspects in the crimes are still alive.

So we're looking to go back and try to capitalize on that. The OSBI investigates crimes across the state, operates forensic labs and assists other law enforcement agencies.

But over the years, a lack of resources meant cold cases continued to pile up. Cases not only go cold because of a lack of usable evidence but also because an investigator may retire, a district attorney could step down or a key witness may die. But with new technology and investment in modern investigative tools, the OSBI says it can focus on cases considered close to being solved. We're going to be leveraging that to solve some of these cases.

Oklahoma Missing People

The new cold case unit will start with an OSBI investigator, and a crime analyst. Law enforcement jurisdictions around the state may soon hear from OSBI agents. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is launching a new cold case unit to tackle the more than 1, such cases in the state.