Aby pedal

Aby pedal

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aby pedal

ABY pedals have a very simple function, so if you have no idea about how they work or what they do, don't feel overwhelmed! In case you were wondering, ABY isn't actually an abbreviation for anything; it's more of a visual clue. Those signals then go into each of your amplifier inputs, with your sound projecting through their speakers.

That may be enough to justify purchasing one, but some ABY boxes can offer far more tonal possibilities. There are many high-profile names that use multiple amps for this purpose, such as John Mayer and Adam Jones Tool.

Looking at the latter in particular, Adam Jones has maintained the same amp combination in his band for almost 20 years. His Diezel VH4 delivers all of the powerful high-gain he requires for his famously heavy riff-work. However, his old Marshall Super Bass provides plenty of vintage mid-range to give his sound more focus and punch. For him, it is clearly a winning combination!

If you want to learn more about capturing his tones, check out our dedicated 'Sound Like Tool' blog. Stereo is where you have two sound sources placed left and right. Our ears pick up sounds from all around us, and in music production you'll find that most recorded guitars are double-tracked and panned hard left and right. So to emulate that in a live situation, many players will use an ABY unit to run their amps together, with each on different sides of the stage or separated by some distance.Compact perfection for using two amps in any combination.

The minute you split a signal, however, you run into two possible problems: ground loop hum and potential phase reversal.

ABY Baby solves them both thanks to the isolated, phase-reversible output B. We've also added a Flip Flop mode for instant, one-touch switching between A and B should that be your need. We believe they are the very best footswitches available.

Compact, flexible and roadworthy — ABY Baby! No noise, no hum, silent switching. Compact and reliable ABY signal control. Compact, Roadworthy. It might be small, but this Baby is as tough as they come. Metal construction and OptoKick footswitches you can trust.

Dual Amp Stereo Rig Overview

Total Control. Isolated outputs and phase reversal option means you can use ANY two amps in perfect harmony. Buffered Option. Standard Or Flip Flop. Standard mode gives A, B and Y both in any combination. Flip Flop mode gives one-touch switching between A and B. TheGigRig OptoKick footswitches. Gold contact audio relays.

How is this different from QMX2?

Fender 2-Switch ABY Pedal

Quartermaster QMX2 can be used as an ABY switcher, however it does not have integral phase correction and isolated outputs. This is a dedicated ABY switcher. QMX 2 is primarily a two-loop strip switcher for effects.

Is output B true bypass or buffered? It's buffered. Output A gives you the option of either. Compact perfection for using two amps in any combination, offering phase control and isolation for ultimate noise-free flexibility. Remote Loopy 2. Three 2 One. Show More.New customer? Create your account. Lost password? Recover password. Remembered your password? Back to login. Already have an account? Login here. This unit can work without power. Power supply is for LED display only.

Use it to switch one input signal to either or both outputs, or it can also be used in the opposite direction. Route one signal to two outputs or two inputs to one output. LED's show you which signal is active. Download Product Instruction. Your payment information is processed securely. We do not store credit card details nor have access to your credit card information.

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Exchanges if applicable We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at donnerdeal gmail. Products with quality-related issues.The BigShot ABY makes it easy to run two amps on stage, without introducing noise or altering your tone. The pedal has two latching footswitches that allow you to choose which amp is active, or run through both simultaneously.

When powered by an external 9V supply or pedalboard power brick, LEDs provide instant on-stage visual feedback - when power is unavailable, the passive audio circuit still works unaffected. Best of all, the BigShot ABY is true-bypass device, without any tone-altering buffers between the guitar and the amplifier to ensure you retain the pure tone of your instrument.

With the built-in isolation transformer, hum and buzz caused by ground loops can be eliminated. A separate tuner out keeps this tone altering device out of the main signal path. Simply depress the AB selector switch and the signal going to the amp is turned off.

This keeps the signal going to the tuner output always on, allowing you to tune without bothering others. The BigShot ABY can also be used to switch channels on older vintage amps that do not have remote switching. The Twin-City is an active ABY switcher that toggles or combines two guitar amplifiers in phase and without noise, with a class-A input buffer to drive both amps without any loss of gain.

The Switchbone V2 is a feature-packed ABY pedal that also features a third output to allow switching between up to three amplifiers without noise. The Headbone VT is a specially designed switching device that lets you toggle between two different tube amp heads while using a single speaker cabinet.

The Twinline is a unique switcher that allows you to share your pedalboard between the built-in effects loops of two amplifiers. BigShot ABY.

aby pedal

Effective control for your two-amp setup The BigShot ABY makes it easy to run two amps on stage, without introducing noise or altering your tone. Related Products.

aby pedal

Twin-City Active Amp Switcher. Twinline Effects Loop Interface. High Res.The Tonebone Twin-City uses a class-A input buffer to drive the amp outputs, which reduces susceptibility to noise and allows for completely silent switching on stage.

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At the input, Drag Control load correction allows you to recreate the natural load on the pickups as if you were connected directly to a tube amplifier, allowing the natural tone of your instrument to shine through. Combining amps can often lead to horrendous buzz and hum. The Twin-City eliminates the problem with transformer isolation and a polarity reverse switch that sets both amps in phase. Switching channels on vintage amps is now possible using the Twin-City.

Why do guitarists have all the fun? The Twin-City works as well on bass as it does on guitar. Simply select between your two favorite amps to deliver the ultimate tone for each and every song. Now that it is in my rig, I don't know how I managed without it!

No more cheap ABY boxes for me I've spent a lot of time dialing in my sound and Radial keeps it perfect! It solves all of the common problems that arise from complicated instrument rigs. It has given me the biggest sounding and cleanest stereo rig possible. I love my Twin City.

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Thank you Radial Engineering for making yet another top notch product. The Switchbone V2 is a feature-packed ABY pedal that also features a third output to allow switching between up to three amplifiers without noise.

The Headlight is a guitar amp selector designed to easily fit on a pedalboard and allow seamless switching between as many as four amps using a single footswitch. The Headbone VT is a specially designed switching device that lets you toggle between two different tube amp heads while using a single speaker cabinet.

The JX is a compact guitar selector that lets you instantly switch between four guitars and two amps on stage. Active circuitry for noise-free switching The Tonebone Twin-City uses a class-A input buffer to drive the amp outputs, which reduces susceptibility to noise and allows for completely silent switching on stage.

Twin-City Applications. Artis ts. Devin Malone Guitarist, Hunter Hayes "I've been through just about every switcher on the market from the very cheap to the most expensive and in every respect I've found the Twin City ABY to be the best option on the market. Related Products. Headlight Guitar Amp Selector. JX Guitar and Amp Switcher. High Res.ABY switchers are primarily used to feed two guitar amps from a guitar.

aby pedal

The AB designates the ability to switch between amplifiers while the Y means that both amps can be turned on at once. Using an ABY switcher is easy.

Unfortunately, the results often include tremendous noise, weird tones and even an electrical shock! ABY pedals generally come in two categories: passive and active. Passive ABYs do not require any power to make them work while active ABYs must be powered like most other guitar pedals.

Passive ABYs are simple switches that divert the guitar signal to one amp or the other. Some tone purists prefer passive switchers as they do not color the guitar signal in any way. When running two amps at once, the signal going to each amp is reduced by half, like a simple Y-jack cable. Active switchers employ a buffer or unity-gain amplifier to lower the impedance to reduce susceptibility to noise and manage the electrical signal.

A buffer not only drives the signal further without noise, but the capacitors in the signal path also block noise that may be coming from the amp from bleeding back into the guitar. Pedals that completely remove the effect circuit from the signal path are known as true-bypass pedals.

The concept here is that a true-bypass pedal will relay the original sound of the guitar without any buffer or loading on the pickup which could alter the clean tone.

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The downside with true-bypass pedals is that they tend to produce switching noise due to the hard-contact that is created when the footswitch is depressed and the internal relay is called into action. The noise is most noticeable when using high-gain amps. The Twin-City employs electronic switching while the Switchbone employs a series of photo-electric chips opto-couplers that ramp-up and then ramp-down the signal in a controlled fashion in order to eliminate the hard contact.

This type of switching requires the signal to be buffered. There are two general camps when it comes to buffers. The most common is the use of an integrated circuit IC while the second is more of an old-school discrete class-A approach. For maximum efficiency, ICs pack thousands of transistors inside a very small package to produce tremendous gain. To control the gain, various degrees of negative feedback is applied.

Most guitarists hate the sound of these buffers as they make a nice warm sounding guitar sound harsh. This is the primary reason guitarists complain about the sound of wireless systems. When this means is that instead trying to control the gain of a chip by applying tremendous amounts of phase-cancelling negative feedback, individual transistors are used at each gain stage. This means only the absolute minimal amount of negative feedback is applied.

And because we are using class-A circuitry, you get a much purer signal path. To solve the problem, Radial invented Drag Control — a simple load correction circuit that compensates for the overly clean signal path and replicates the tone as if connected directly to the amp. This encompasses compensating for the natural roll off of the cable and of course the load that is typically applied from a tube amp — whereby it sounds totally different from a transistor amp.

The noise problem can be mild to acute depending on the amps, the electrical circuit and other factors such as spurious noise from the electrical system. The first line of defence is to connect both amps and all of the pedals to a single power strip.

This ensures the same electrical phase is powering both amps. To solve the problem, transformers are inserted into the audio path. A typical transformer is a device that is made up of two coils and an inner core.A good ABY pedal is one of those invaluable, yet incredibly un-sexy, tools that should be in every guitarist's toolbox.

Few gear nerds develop lustful feelings towards these typically unadorned little boxes, but overlooking the power of such a simple, utilitarian device is a big mistake. The basic function of an ABY is to split an audio signal, such as the output of an electric guitar, sending it to two different destinations at once, and letting the user select between using one at a time, or both in tandem. If you already have more than one amp, an ABY can allow you to easily switch between them, or use them both at once in stereo, which not only sounds better than using a single amp, but also opens up a whole universe of creative effects possibilities.

If you use multiple guitars on stage or in the studio, an ABY can let you quickly switch between axes without unplugging.

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Multiple effects rigs? No problem. An ABY can also perform handy, yet somewhat less exciting utilities, like acting as a mute switch, or just keeping your tuner out of the signal chain while allowing for silent tuning on stage.

Donner ABY BOX pedal ,ABY Line Selector mini Pedal

Back in the day there weren't many options for switcher pedals. A few companies made very basic passive models, which are perfectly suitable for simple jobs, but when used in more complex rigs, the old-school passive boxes could become susceptible to noise and grounding issues, unpleasant sonic artifacts, and loud popping sounds when the switches were activated.

Modern switchers solve all of these issues however, and music stores of today are practically overflowing with amazing, beautifully engineered ABY boxes that are quiet, smooth, packed with thoughtful features, and immune to tone suck.

Here are a few of our favorites. Vancouver, B. This company's niche is figuring out inventive ways to split, route, connect, and swap between audio signals, all while preserving the original sound. On top of that, Radial stuff is always rugged with very confidence-inspiring build quality. Designed to address all the problems that could befall the primitive passive boxes of yesteryear, the BigShot features true bypass switching, so as not to alter the user's tone, and on-board isolation transformers, as well as a ground lift switch to instantly rectify noise and hum issues.

Understanding ABY Switchers

On top of that, it has a polarity reversal switch, which solves the phase cancellation problems that sometimes arise when two amplifiers of different make and model are being used simultaneously. Toss in an "always on" dedicated tuner output, and the Radial BigShot ABY is an ideal solution for players with dual amp rigs. Yep, another Radial switcher. Like I said, these dudes are all about switching. The Drag Control corrects the load on the guitar's pickups, eliminating the disconnect that can result from too many boxes and feet of cable between the player and the amp, while the buffer is perfect for warding off noise and driving long cable runs without signal degradation.

The Twin-City also features the ground lift and phase flip switches of the BigShot, as well as an internal isolation transformer on the B output. One of the best features of the Twin-City, though, is its lovely, bright LED's, which let the player know which outputs are currently activated.

The difference, I suppose, is that the M has two separate, dedicated footswitches, one for each output, rather than one footswitch that toggles between A and B, and another that engages both A and B at once, like many other designs. It also features quiet, pop-free, true hardwire bypass, and a thru output that is designed for tuning purposes.

Each channel also has its own LED as well, letting the user easily determine which ones are active, even on the darkest, loudest, and most disorienting stages. The MXR M is a road-worthy and economical choice for the guitarist that wants to use two separate amplifiers or signal chains simultaneously.

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This compact, functional ABY from EHX is ideal for the player with fairly basic switching needs, and not much room on their pedalboard. At around 4. It has two switches, one for toggling between A and B outputs, and one for selecting both A and B outputs at once. It also features a tuner out that can be used in the standard fashion, or as a separate effects send to another pedal or pedals.

Handy LEDs indicate which switch is activated. With its convenient size and very economical price point, the EHX Switchblade Plus is great for the guitarist on a budget that regularly needs to have several signal chains going at once. Germany's Lehle has elevated the formerly utilitarian switcher pedal to high art, with a product line that boasts an awe-inspiring array of switchers for every purpose and routing scenario under the sun.